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Thursday, August 11, 2005


I'm beginning to get that anxious, overwhelmed feeling already and I've only been officially working in my new capacity for 8 days. Here's my to-do list for tomorrow:

  • Meet with the guidance counselor to explain that the Teacher Led Collaboration process is just that--Teacher Led, regardless of what some parents might prefer
  • Schedule conferences with previously mentioned parents
  • Somehow schedule, staff, and publicize after school tutoring sessions for students who failed the Graduation Test (their retest is Sept. 2)
  • Figure out what staff development sessions I will be offering for the entire school year and write up the plan and approval request for PLUs
  • Complete the mentor-mentee paperwork and get it sent to the county office
  • Create and distribute info sheets for/to all my new teachers
Don't get me wrong--I really like this job. It's a welcome change after 18 years in the classroom. But I do miss my kids--not to mention that feeling that I actually know what I'm doing. (Did you know that in the time it took you to read this post, 4 new acronyms were added to educationese in my district?)