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Friday, February 11, 2005

yeah, me!

I'm amazed to announce that I've been nominated for Teacher of the Year! I'm pretty sure I won't win, but still--I feel like one of those people who gushes "it's an honor just to be nominated." Ironically, my best friend at school was also nominated, along with 8 other teachers. It's so nice to even be in the running though. After 18 years of feeling pretty well ignored, it's a real lift to think that somebody out there is noticing. Yeah, me!

In other news, I am preparing for my second deadline party this evening. I created the oxymoron in an effort to inspire my yearbook staff to stay late and complete their spreads. Last time, it seemed to work. I ordered pizza, lots more of them stayed, and there was much giggling, no whining, and plenty of work accomplished. Also, a fierce sock-race in the skylight hall, witnessed by an ap, but that's another story.


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