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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

meeting hell

Wow, this last week has been overwhelming. I kept meaning to write here, but I've been so busy. I've been staying so late at work as yearbook gets increasingly intense and behind, I feel like my name ought to be on most of the pages so far. Plus, the work is piling in from my ninth graders and I'm hitting that wall where I don't have time to grade because I'm too busy with yearbook.

Yesterday was the superlative field trip. After it was all over, I came home and took an hour and a half nap. And still I was able to sleep last night. I used to enjoy that field trip every year, but now it just feels like one more opportunity to screw up and get blamed for something by this administration. Luckily, everything went well--no mishaps. But I'm so relieved the whole thing's over.

My ninth grade classes have been going well. We're studying To Kill a Mockingbird now--a great novel, but teaching it is new to me. Tomorrow their reflective essays come in. My lesson introducing the essay last week went so well it was scary--I actually felt excited afterwards. Let's hope their products are just as good.

Today was early release day--meetings, meetings and more meetings. Jesus. The last one was over 90 minutes and didn't end till almost 5:30. I'm so very tired of MEETINGS!


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