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Monday, September 27, 2004

fat and ugly

Trying to be a good teacher here, but as you can see, I'm blogging instead of generating a lesson plan or grading. Hmmm...what's wrong with this picture? So I'll justify my offtask behavior by calling it "reflection on my teaching practice."

Today I said something I really shouldn't have said, but it did get a laugh. We were reviewing adjectives and adverbs and I was quizzing the kids about all the details. So I asked, "Can more than one adjective modify the same noun?" There was dissension and discussion amid the ranks, and no general consensus. So out of my mouth pops: "Of course, they can, because you can be fat and ugly." Not exactly a nice thing to say in front of the kids--but it got the point across.

I'm trying to inject a little levity into my classroom again. That's the thing that's really lacking this year. My lessons are better planned and more efficiently executed, I have good control of their behavior, and yet...the joy of it all has been missing. I'm definitely less stressed, but more than a little bored. I have to find my creative spark, my own SELF in this curriculum.


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